Youtube Vanced Alternatives for PC, Mac, iOS, Android device

Many users use Vanced despite having a YouTube Premium subscription. Using vanced, we can access YouTube without ads and take advantage of many other features. Vanced is a popular modded app because of this. Legal reasons have, however, prevented the Vanced app from being developed. We’ll tell you about the best YouTube vanced alternatives for 2022 if you’re one of them too.

Youtube Vanced Alternative

If you want to watch ad-free videos on YouTube, there are several alternatives to YouTube Vanced; though they aren’t as good as Vanced, they can be a good workaround. There are many options available if you want to watch ad-free videos on Youtube, and we have compiled a list of the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives.

Youtube Vanced Alternative
Youtube Vanced Alternative

Youtube Vanced APK Download

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YouTube Vanced – Get YouTube videos without ads

  • Vanced is an incredibly useful app that gives you the possibility to download your favorite YouTube videos quickly, easily, and conveniently.
  • One of the best things about Vanced is that its interface is very similar to the official YouTube app. This makes it a breeze to simply search for your favorite videos and then download them easily.
  • Therefore, once you’ve found the video from the Vanced platform, you just have to tap on the arrow found below the video to start the download. After that, you get to pick the resolution and other settings to suit your needs according to the device you’re going to use to watch the video.
  • Vanced is an interesting app that lets you download as many YouTube videos as you want in a matter of seconds.


In addition to YouTube Advanced, NewPipe is also an excellent alternative. With NewPipe, you do not have to use your Google account or sign in to YouTube to access NewPipe. It makes it an open-source YouTube alternative that does not depend on the YouTube API. Videos can be viewed without advertisements on NewPipe.

The videos can also be downloaded locally on your device. The subscriptions you have on YouTube can be imported not to have to resubscribe. One con of this app is the absence of the ability to sign in, which means you will not have access to your watch history or liking and commenting options.


You might also want to check out SkyTube as an alternative to YouTube Advanced. The SkyTube YouTube app is free and open-source, similar to NewPipe. Syncing your playback history in SkyTube isn’t possible without a Google account. The subscriptions can be imported, so you do not have to hunt for each creator individually.

It is important to note that SkyTube has two options: SkyTube and SkyTube Extra. SkyTube Extra offers YouTube casting and the official YouTube player, whereas SkyTube’s standard app lacks any additional functionality. However, SkyTube Extra does not offer the option to log into your Google account. The SkyTube version that best suits your needs can be chosen based on your preferences.

Free Tube

You can watch ad-free video content on Free Tube. Thanks to its availability for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With their cookies and JavaScript, FreeTube prevents Google tracking.


The upcoming libreTube app will be based on the open-source YouTube frontend Piped. The app’s interface is modern and easy to use. Furthermore, you can select the video format and quality during playback. You can do the same if you download videos to watch later.

Brave Browser

When you watch a video on YouTube with this browser, you will not see any ads. Visit YouTube on this browser and sign in to your YouTube account to do regular YouTube stuff. Windows can use the browser, macOS, Android, and iOS users simultaneously.

YouTube Premium

A YouTube Premium subscription allows you to watch videos without ads. It allows you to eliminate ads from your video watching experience and enjoy several other features. You will be able to play YouTube videos without ads and in the background. Along with your YouTube Premium subscription, you will also be able to download the videos offline.

Ad Blockers

While Adblockers can block ads, they do not provide the same protection level as YouTube Advanced. The videos on YouTube won’t be interrupted by any ads. Ad blockers can be installed on browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You can also turn off advertisements on websites using other web browser settings. Using this YouTube Vanced alternative is the best choice to avoid AdBlockers.

Kiwi Browser

Streaming YouTube content ad-free is more enjoyable with Kiwi Browser because it automatically blocks ads and disables tracking. Many sponsor blocks can be identified and skipped with extensions. By using Kiwi Browser, you can modify various aspects of YouTube, improving your viewing experience. The Google Play Store makes it easy to download Kiwi Browser.


If you want to watch YouTube videos without ads, you can opt for any YouTube Vanced alternatives mentioned above. There are only eight natural alternatives to YouTube Vanced listed here. One browser and one version of YouTube Premium are also available.

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