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Edutor App gives an opportunity to connect with multiple teachers so as to be able to choose, the most suitable teacher for learning.

The mission at the heart of the Edutor App is to connect the academic community across the globe and empower them to strive for better education outcomes.

It’s an open platform solely for education that connects teachers and students across the globe and provides all required tools for teaching and learning.

  • Join as a teacher and create and upload contents of any subject, board, and language you prefer. Your followers can learn from you by accessing all of your content you created in the form of live classes or conferences, video lectures, tests, mock exams, and materials.
  • Join as a student and follow teachers you find most suitable for you to learn from and then access their entire teaching. Just as simple as that !!

Features Edutor App :

  • Live Class and Conference – Enjoy a free live class of up to 45 minutes. Teachers will have the option of allowing them to join either by followers or favorited students.
  • Video Lectures – Just paste a link to your Youtube video here, this is how your video lecture is uploaded on Edutor App.
  • Test – Want to test a student’s understanding of a particular topic? Just upload questions here by clicking photos, typing the questions, or by directly taking questions from the Qs library. No marking for the tests! Ohh, then it’s amazing na !!
  • Exam – Want to upload an exam? Set a format for it then uploading questions is the same and as simple as test uploading.
  • Mock Exam – Want to arrange competitive exams like JEE or NEET? There are given fixed formats for those, so just select the exam and schedule it. How to upload questions ? that you know pretty well from now on !!
  • Material – Upload materials in the format of PDF or JPG.
  • Create Playlist – You can create a Playlist for video lectures, Testlists for tests, Examslist for exams, and a List for materials.
  • Questions Library – Want to make tests or exams quickly? just take Qs of that topic from the Question Library.

Edutor App app apk we provide on this webiste is original and unmodified, no viruses or malware, no additional costs. If there are any problems about downloading, installing this app apk, please let us know.
What’s New (Latest updates)

  • New Design Implemented.
  • Bug fixes & Performance Improvement.
  • New features added.

Edutor App

The Edutor App educational sector has seen a drastic change in its approach as more resources have been made available to make it prosperous. Among these resources, e-learning mobile apps have their worth in gold. E-learning apps have come into trend over the last 4-5 years and since their arrival, the overall scenario of education has changed forever. E-learning has accumulated praise from parents and students from all over the world for the methods of learning it brings alongside it.

Edutor App Download

The basic formula of e-learning Edutor apps is that all the educational stuff that students study in their schools and tuitions classrooms has been made available for students in their smartphones from the comforts of their homes. Online learning mobile applications in large numbers have raided Google and Apple Playstore. Different types of e-learning apps are available with different ways of teaching style and it is up to the students to select their preferred style of the teaching method.

Benefits of Edutor App

We all are aware of the fact that smartphones have become a common feature of student’s lifestyles in present times and with smartphones comes an endless number of platforms of entertainment. These platforms consume a lot of precious time of students, therefore this pinch of change in the form of e-learning apps has been welcomed with open arms from all the students. E-learning Edutor App have shifted their mind towards learning important stuff that will help them out in their higher studies and life in general.

These apps provide top-notch methods to engage students in studying and most importantly make the studies interesting. Let us have a look at some of the other major benefits of e-learning apps.

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