Free Fire OB32 update character and weapon adjustments – FF Update Today

The Free Fire OB32 update has arrived and is now available for download through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, individuals will not be able to access the game and test out the new features until the scheduled maintenance break ends.

According to the patch notes, the developers have balanced many factors with the new version to deliver a better overall user experience. A variety of buffs and nerfs have been applied to both the characters and the weapons.

Free Fire OB32 update: Character and weapon adjustments

Free Fire OB32 update: Character and weapon adjustments

Alterations have been made to four characters by Garena in the OB32 update. These are the exact specifics:


Hold-to-aim function on the skill button added for better precision.

“We realized that it hasn’t been very convenient to use Skyler’s skill when attempting to aim. This patch, we’ve added a hold-to-aim button (similar to that of a sniper), so you can penetrate your enemies’ Gloo Walls in better Rhythm.”

Riptide Rhythm:

Players can now hold to aim using the skill button


Increased extra HP for revived teammates.

“We have enhanced Olivia’s skill so that players revived by Healing Touch will receive more HP than they would have before this patch. Help your teammates get back on track faster!”

Healing Touch:

Revived players will be revived with extra 30/36/43/51/60/70 HP -> 30/40/50/60/70/80 HP.


Longer skill active time, enhanced Gloo Wall damage increase, shorter cooldown.

“Controlling Xayne’s skill has been difficult in the past, so we tweaked its active time so that she could survive in “Xtreme” situations.”

Xtreme Encounter:

Gets 80 HP temporarily (decays over time), 40/50/61/73/86/100% -> 90/100/110/120/130/150% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Last for 10s -> 15s. Cooldown: 150/140/130/120/110/100s -> 130/120/110/100/90/80s.


Decreased the time reduction of using Med Kits.

“Even after Gluttony’s skill adjustment last patch, it still proves to be too reliable compared to other passive skills. We’re reducing the speed of Gluttony this patch so players will have to choose when they want to heal up more wisely. Plus, it’s not good to eat so fast, anyway.”


Eating and using MedKits faster by 5/8/12/17/23/30% -> 5/9/13/17/21/25%.

Clash Squad

Free Fire New Map Added.

FF New Map Added
Free Fire New Map Added
  • Alpine – a fusion battle experience.
  • “Ready for new battles and victories on Alpine?”
  • Alpine map available in Clash Squad and Clash Squad Ranked modes.

Free Fire New Area Added.

Free Fire New Area Added.
Free Fire New Area Added.

Clash Squad mode welcomes new areas in Bermuda.

“New fun added to our old map!”

Hangar and Nurek Dam – new areas in Bermuda.

Map Balancing

Map adjustments.

“Ever felt helpless while combating in rather empty areas? We’ve added covers in certain places of Bermuda – let these help you knock out your enemies easier!”

Bermuda map adjustments in Katulistiwa, Mars Electric, and Mill.

Rank Battle Card

Display battle statistics on the loading page.

“We’ve added a new interface on the loading page for Clash Squad Ranked so that you can have a special place to flaunt your accomplishments! Now, you get to not only display your battle stats on the loading page but also pick and choose what other players can see.”

Loading page for Clash Squad Ranked can now showcase Battle Cards – statistics and battle tags are customizable.

Bonus Airdrop

Added airdrop to heat-up battles.

“Airdrops are now available in Clash Squad. Make sure to check them out! Ever heard about M1887 with 3 shots? You might find it in the Bonus Airdrop!”

Airdrop will land on the map in every round. Only in the classic Clash Squad mode.

New Rank Icon

A fresh look for a fresh patch.

“It has been a long time since our Clash Squad and Battle Royale icons were updated. This patch, you will be greeted with a brand new set of Clash Squad rank icons!”

New icons exclusive to Clash Squad Ranked.

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