The wonderful benefits of clapping

The wonderful benefits of clapping

People clap their hands for happiness, to praise someone, to win someone or to encourage someone. clapping is a way to express happiness, but did you know that this method is also very useful for health? clapping a few minutes every day helps improve health. It’s called clapping therapy. This treatment has been around for a large number of years. In India there is a practice of clapping at Bhajan, Kirtan, Mantra and Aarti. The physical benefits of clapping up are also minimal. There is likewise a logical explanation behind this. According to science, 29 pressure centers, the human body, have acupressure points.

Main Benefits : 

  1. Supports Mental Wellness
  2. Security Heart Health 
  3. Boost Immunity
  4. Beneficial for Children 
  5. Improved bone health
  6. Treats heir loss 
According to ancient science of acupressure, the pressure centers of the main organs of the body are on the soles of the feet and palms, says Dr. Madhvi Agarwal. If these pressure centers are massaged, they can relieve many of the ailments affecting the organs. By suppressing these pressure centers, the blood and oxygen circulates better in the organs. Dr. Ayush Pandey says that acupressure is a technique of sending signals to awaken the body’s health and ability to adjust.
The wonderful benefits of clapping
According to acupressure, clapping is the easiest way to hit all pressure points. Apply coconut oil, mustard oil or a mixture of both oils on the palm every morning or night before going to bed. After this, press the palms and fingers together and clap a few times. 20 to 30 minutes of clapping will keep you healthy and active.
clapping lowers cholesterol levels. It also improves blood circulation. Eliminates blockage in the veins and arteries, including bad cholesterol. This is a work therapy for people with low blood pressure. Also relieves heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, etc. Applying locks can relieve people suffering from eye and hair loss problems. It also relieves headaches and colds. This process also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
Applying locks is an effective treatment for relieving depression. If a person is experiencing digestive problems, he or she should seek the treatment of locks. This therapy plays an important role in asthma, heart and lung problems. It also relieves neck and back pain from neck pain. If the child adopts this therapy, it enhances their ability to function and develop their intellectual development. It also helps sharpen the mind.

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