Websites Like Looting In 21 Days : 30 Famous Website Name

Websites Like Looting In 21 Days : 30 Famous Website Name

30 Useful Websites in Gujarati Language,,,,,,,,,,  ,
30 Useful Websites in Gujarati Language

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Mother tongue is our identity. But nowadays, due to the currencies of other languages, our native language is forgotten. On the other hand you will find many useful websites for learning Gujarati language and Gujarati from the Internet. Our job is also to provide you information in Gujarati. So let’s know about 30 such websites. Click on their name to go directly to the following website.

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– A collection of Gujarati literature of various types including short stories, itineraries, essays, comics, poetry, ghazals, children’s literature, short stories, science fiction. A collection of more than 3,000 articles, including two works published by Rogeridge.


– A combination of Gujarati smooth music, ballads, ghazals and poetry. A sequel to easily find your favorite songs. Over 300 poets, over 1500 works by more than 75 musicians.


– Rogerjose Poetry, a poem about poetry and a variety of materials literature. The masterpieces of legendary poets and ghazals.


Honorable acquisition of prayer-garba-bhajan, including selected literary articles, stories, Gir itineraries, book reviews and translated works.


– An online dictionary containing approximately 25 million words. Gujarati to English and English to Gujarati word search facility. Other useful features of various types including Gujarati spelling check.


– A comprehensive, scientific and excellent treasure of cultural boundary knowledge of Gujarati language, comprising 1.5 lakh words and 1.2 lakh meanings. Available digitally via the Internet and CD media. Available completely free online at Unicode.


– Dr. The first blog-type website of Vivek Taylor’s autobiographical works. Beautiful songs, songs, haiku and poems. A new masterpiece each week with illustrated ghazals.


In the spiritual field, it was the grandfather of Lord Vadodara who played the sting of Gujarat. All their books are available. Free download.


– Address of Lecturer Mr. Kalpesh Soni’s autobiographical pamphlets. As well as poetry, lyrics, life events and comics. Release a new work every week.


– Gujarati folk songs, devotional songs, chorus, ghazals, film songs and other famous compositions in the form of poetry and music.


– Gujarati radio broadcasts 24 hours over the Internet.


:: Dilu Diary :: Gujarati / Hindi Shayari and an Unique Store of Literature


– Synchronization of regularly published musical compositions, including ancient-Aravic songs, lyrics, poems, hymns, children’s songs, wedding songs, hymns, hymns.


– Editing Ghazals, autobiographical works as well as some selected works of Gujarati literature.


– Columnist Mr. Himanshu Kikani’s website explaining technology topics in simple language.


– Website of the well-known journalist-writer Mr. Saurabh Shah.


– National Shire Shri Zaverchand Meghani’s Website.


– Dr. who works in the field of ecstasy and saintliness Niranjan Rajguru Website.


– Poet Sri Adil Mansouri’s website.


– Website of the famous poet-ghazalkar Shri Rajendra Shukla.


– Website of Kavishri Manoj Khandaria.


– Kiyatri Panna Nayak’s Website.


– Website of Kavishree Ramesh Parekh.


– Website of the author, Mr. Harilal Upadhyay.


– Website of Gujarati Literature Council.


– Website of legendary poet, cartoonist and humorist Mr. Nirmesh Thakar.


– Socio Education: Official Site Government Job, Current Affairs, GK for Talati, TET,HTAT, Constable, Police,GPSC,UPSC,Results, Notifications.

– MaruGujarat :: Official Site :: Gujarat’s No. 1 Educational Website 


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